VerveLife Music Editions target AirPods

VerveLife Music Editions earbud and caseMotorola’s VerveLife range has just added the Music Editions wireless earbuds.

You might recall the fabby Ones+ that I reviewed a while back. Well, Motorola have just introduced a less orange and more affordable version. They haven’t skimped on features though.

The Music Editions promise rich HD Sound, full Bluetooth connectivity and come in a stylish white design.

I am glad that they’ve retained the rechargeable case and neat look. Personally, I think that this cool white and grey vibe is pretty neat.

VerveLife Music Editions caseThe earbuds trump the AirPods as the Music Editions are IPX4 splash-proof graded making them ideal for use, whatever the weather.

VerveLife Music Editions earbudsThe earphones will respond to voice commands using either Siri or Google Now. This is ideal for making and taking calls as well as controls when exercising.

The earbuds will auto pause music when you get calls so everything should work seamlessly.

The VerveOnes Music Edition work with the Hubble for VerveLife app which allows for tweaking of the EQ settings.

VerveLife Music Editions earbudThere are also four audio profiles built-in for quick swapping to suit whatever you’re doing.

The app is even good for finding the earbuds as it will let you find the last known connected location, should you misplace them.

The fact that the earbuds and case look good and charge via micro USB are just bonus points.

Music Editions price and availability

Whilst the VerveOnes+ models offer superior waterproofing and a longer battery life, the Music Editions are available at a more attractive price of £149.99 RRP.

On sale from Jan 2017 exclusively at for one month. Wider retailers will be available from Feb 2017.