VEDIA Idunn A1 – Hand Built With Gold and Prehistoric DNA

vedia-idunn-a1iPod‘s are a little bit common aren’t they?

Almost everyone has one or has owned one at some point – and if not an iPod chances are that it’s been a Creative or Sony number.

Well, if you want to own an MP3 player that’s a tad more individual how about the VEDIA Idunn A1?

I’m not sure about memory size or what audio formats it can cope with but the main point of this thing is what it’s made from.

It has been Designed by Polish jeweler Jaroslaw Westermark and the hand made player is constructed from 18 carat gold, high-grade silver and Baltic amber.

There’s only 10 of these being made and you’ll have to pre-order and wait two months.

So, if an MP3 player made from gold, silver and potentially contains dinosaur DNA ticks your boxes then get your order in 😉

News via GadgetsCrunch