Vape Shoreditch e-liquids review

Shoreditch e-liquids and Aspire K3


Build quality




Ease of use







  • 'Better' than smoking
  • Fingers, breath and clothes don't smell
  • Still get nicotine hit but available without
  • Easy to load and use
  • Impressive range of flavours


  • Nicotine still addictive
  • Only proven to be less harmful than cigarettes at this point

shoreditch e-liquidsI was recently contacted by Vape Shoreditch, so I have something different to review for you. I am not promoting smoking but I know there are quite a number of ‘social smokers’ out there. With the festive celebrations now in full swing I thought that this might be of interest.

Let me kick off this review by stating that I do not count myself as an ex-smoker. I can go months without a cigarette but, every once in a while, I might have one. I am also aware of the impact of smoking, not only to myself, but to those forced to inhale second-hand smoke.

The thing is, people are most likely to have a ‘cheeky cig’ during party season and I am usually one of them. Not this year though.

Less risk

I cannot say that vaping is a healthier alternative either, as e-cigarettes / vaping has not been around long enough to prove its case really.

What has been shown is that there are fewer risks attached to vaping than normal cigarettes. Vaping has been found to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking and has also been found to help smokers quit.

You can read the full UK Gov report here.

Right. I am taking it that we’re all adults here and that we all know that smoking is bad for you. You still have to be 18 or over to buy e-cigarettes, just as you are to purchase tobacco products.

Vape Shoreditch review

This is my first experience of vaping, although I do have a number of friends that switched from tobacco to liquids over the past few years. I even know a couple who buy the nicotine-free liquids for that shisha experience without the naughty bit.

aspire k3 and shoreditch liquidsI received the Aspire K3 starter kit and three bottles of e-liquid.

Aspire K3

The Aspire K3 I was sent is finished in a black carbon-fibre look jacket.

The see-through 2ml tank is easily unscrewed to gain you access to the coil.

The battery is a 1200mAh unit which is recharged via micro USB – something that we’re all very familiar with by now.

Aspire K3 set-up

As a total novice to vaping I literally had no idea how to start. Sure I could dismantle the K3, and worked out where the juice should go; but I also was aware of the need to prime the thing.

So a little research was need for that bit.


  • 1200mAh K3 battery
  • 2.0mL Juice Capacity K3 Tank
  • Kanthal coil with organic cotton wick
  • 1.8 ohm resistance for 4.2-5.0V use

Priming and filling

It is necessary to drip a couple of drops of e-liquid directly into the hole in the top of the coil to help with saturation.

Now carefully fill the tank with your chosen flavour of liquid.

aspire k3 dismantled shoreditch e-liquidEnsure that everything is refitted and tightened and leave for a while. I set this up in the office so mine stood for a couple of hours.

Basically, the liquid needs to fully saturate the coil before it’s heated. There should not be any dry areas of cotton or wicking inside the coil before you press the fire button.

Thinner liquids are likely to take less time. Thicker, more viscous liquids and those with a higher level of VG (vegetable glycerin), as well as larger coils, are likely to take longer to prime.

Firing and use

The K3 requires 5 pushes of the power button to switch it on or off. This prevents accidental activation.

When in use the button lights up blue (blue lights FTW!) and taking a draw from the mouthpiece is easy. My first impression was that you do not get the heat or the ‘thick’ smoke of a cigarette. The vapour is much cooler and lighter.

What it does give you is good flavour and a satisfying plume of vapour.

As a newby to vaping I found the K3 incredibly easy and intuitive to use. Some might find the lack of custom controls limiting, but my cigarettes never had them.

It also looks pretty good to me.

Shoreditch e-liquids

There are a number of categories to choose from. I was quite amazed at the range, to be honest.

They start off with the Edition, which contains five specially created flavours.

Then you have the more familiar Tobacco, Sweets and Fruit ranges. In total, I counted 35 options of e-liquid that are currently available.


For this review I chose Oh So Orange from the Editions range, Golden Tobacco and then Cherry Chill.

shoreditch e-liquidsI was expecting a totally synthetic aroma and taste from all of these, especially the Oh So Orange. What I discovered was that all three flavours were quite enjoyable in their own right.

Oh So Orange

This quickly became my favourite flavour. Not only did I find this easy to vape but I had not noticed anyone else using orange liquids.

It has a very clean, orange citrus-y aroma and taste.

It will have to be a real special flavour to knock this one of its top spot for me. Hopefully I won’t over use it and ruin the experience.

Golden Tobacco

I chose this one as I thought it might be odd ‘smoking’ fruit. I think people that have smoked roll-ups might like this one.

It’s reminiscent of a certain brand, perhaps based in Virginia, but also has similar notes to some ‘light’ cigarettes.

It lacks the novelty of some of the other flavours but when you want to ‘smoke’, Golden Tobacco is a nice, smooth and light choice.

Cherry Chill

Cherry Chill was the one I thought I’d like the most. Back in the day I’d roll cigarettes using either dark cherry or vanilla tobacco from the old-school Tobacconist back in Barnsley.

I did like the sweet cherry hit but you also get a blast of menthol. That makes this experience somewhat akin to vaping some cherry flavoured Tunes. Not unpleasant, but Oh So Orange did leapfrog this flavour as my top choice.

This is one I’d go to for a change every now and then, I reckon.

Vape Shoreditch review conclusion

I was impressed, not only by their selection of vape hardware and e-liquids, but also by the quick turnaround between order and delivery.

The flavours I have tried have been pleasing, overall. I was afraid that the fruity flavours would have the cheap, sweet, synthetic taste. That was not the case here.

aspire k3 detail shoreditchI also got a nice nicotine hit from the vapes too. The flavours tested were 6mg at 50/50 (see below).

Everyone at Shoreditch that I’ve been in contact with have been helpful and friendly.

If you are looking to dip your toe in to the world of vaping then I reckon you could do a lot worse than contacting Shoreditch.

Vape Shoreditch prices and availabilty

Everything reviewed is available now and the vaping hardware ranges from £6.99 for replacement batteries to £49.99 for the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S box mod.

Kits are available from £14.49 and go up to £44.99.

The Aspire K3 kit as reviewed is £29.99.

E-liquids start at £3.33 for 10ml and can be bought in the following VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerin / Propylene Glycol) ratios and nicotine strength:

50/50: 0mg,  6mg,  12mg,  18mg
80/20: 0mg,  3mg,  6mg

Head on over to the Shoreditch website for more information.