Vampire Hunting Kit Sold – Gadgets to Kill Vampyre

This actual case of Vampire killing tools has just been sold at an auction for $14,850.

Guaranteed 100% authentic, this anti-vampire kit from the 19th century is an absolute bargain.

It has pretty much everything that aspiring Van Helsing’s will ever need to trackdown and finally put to rest any pointy-toothed blood sucking type – no matter how well they dress.

So, what does the rather nice-looking hand-carved walnut suitcase contain? Let me tell you:

• A Gothic style cross.
• Bible.
• Hand gun and silver bullets (just in case you happen across a Lycanthrope I guess).
• Holy oils.
• Holy water.
• Mirrors.
• Candles.
• Garlic.
• Top-of-the range wood and metal stake with added cross for vampiric extra-pain.
• Extra wood stakes, just in case.

The 19th century vampire killing kit was sold in an auction as part of the Jimmy Pippen estate, which shows that the aforementioned Jimmy Pippen was a either an ‘eccentric collector’ or knew something that most people don’t.

Well, I’m going outside now so better wrap up, get my shades on and smear myself in factor 500……….

Antiqueandthearts via Gizmodo