V-Beat Air Guitar – Better Than Playing With Your Buckle

V Beat Air GuitarOk wannabe shredders and riff-meisters!

You want that faux-guitar vibe but not be hooked up to a console?

Also you don’t want people watching you strum your belt-buckle?

Go over to Firebox and check out the V-Beat Air Guitar.
V Beat Guitar Small
The two-piece motion-sensitive “guitar” thingy makes noises by clipping to your belt then: Hold the headstock/fretboard bit in one hand moving it back and forth for pitch whilst your other hand “strums”.

No huge Marshall stacks but the built-in speaker blasts out your strummage in three playing modes: Freestyle (play what you want), Easy Go (play along to pre-programmed rhythms) and Pop Academy (a step by step tutor mode).

You can also switch between single notes, chords and powerchords and select various guitar sounds (don’t think Line 6 should be worrying though).

All this for 25 notes – Try getting a vintage Strat for that!