uTorrent Now Streams as You Download

uTorrent is quite a natty BitTorrent client (apparently) and is very popular amongst those who share films and music – legally obviously 😉

It works like most other BT clients but now you can stream video before it’s finished downloading – how good is that!!!??

This new function can be found on the most recent uTorrent beta. This will allow you, the viewer, to start watching almost instantly, with the download being weighted to the front so that you get the bits you need in 5 minutes before the bits you need in 45 minutes.

“Our hope is to transform getting media using uTorrent from a ‘load-wait-watch-tomorrow’ to more of a ‘point-click-watch’ experience”. It’ll certainly help the client compete with dodgy TV streaming sites.

You can pick which movie player on your computer that you’d like to use in the preferences – it defaults to the DivX web player.

Just click the “play” button next to the download, and when enough has been grabbed it’ll go green, ready to start.

Go get it here

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