Rush to export Instagram photos before they are sold to third parties

InstagramIf you own a smartphone chances are that you have the photo sharing app ‘Instagram’ installed. Now that the terms and conditions are set to change soon, allowing the now Facebook-owned app to sell and use any photos you’ve taken, could well see a migration to other, friendlier apps.

Instagram has managed to annoy many of its users since the fine print in its revised Terms of Use have been revealed.

The new terms will be actioned on January 16th and marks the biggest change in the user agreement since the social snapping service was aquired by Facebook earlier this year.

The small print essentially allows Instagram to license all public photos to companies or organisations, as well as use them for advertising.

It will no doubt be great for those organisations looking for quirky stock photography, but not so good for those that took the photos as they will receive no money even if their snaps appear in a global advertising campaign.

Naturally, Instagram will not say that this change is so that they can make money from your photographs, instead the word is that they may want to use some choice pics from their service in ad collages for the app.

I have seen an explosion of Tweets and Facebook messages explaining how to export Instagram pics from the service before deleting your account which gives me the impression that people are unhappy with these new terms.

If you want to get out, have a look at Instaport which will export all of your Instagram photos to a ZIP archive – but be patient as the service’s home page states that it is “expecting high traffic right now,”.

Copygram is an alternative to Instaport but it’s only a matter of time before Copygram is also inundated by people wanting to archive their Instagram snaps.

Although, with all the folks hitting those exporters, this looks bad for Instagram I am sure Flickr is rubbing its virtual hands together.

Flickr must have seen this coming as it recently updated its app to include Instagram-like filter options and a slicker mobile interface.

Are you staying with Instagram, or will you be exporting and getting out?

Let me know below 🙂

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