USAF Cyberspace Officers get the Coolest Badge and Job Title

The future is really here folks.

In November last year the U.S. Air Force created a new cyberspace operations division which comprised of 27,000 officers which sounded pretty sci-fi to me.

To prove that this was no gimmick those ranks have swollen with a further 3,000 communications officers joining at the rank of “Cyberspace Officer“.

How frikken cool is that!??!? It’s an official Air Force rank with ‘space’ and ‘cyber’ in it!

Not only do they get one of the coolest job titles they get kitted out with that impressive intergalactic-styled badge pictured above – as well as as a full 115 days of additional training that promises to “raise the bar on technical competency”.

Cool – just very cool 🙂

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