Upcoming gadgets to look out for in 2013

pebble smartwatchFor many people, the dawning of a new year means making a fresh start and embracing resolutions.  For some, the arrival of 2013 means one thing: the newest, coolest gadgets are on the way. 

So what kinds of innovative, fun gadgets will be making their scheduled debut this coming year?

2013 gadgets worth a look

Some of the most interesting and exciting gadgets appearing in the New Year take a page from the future, or at least the science fiction version of the future.  From smart watches and bracelets to UV-filtering contacts, 2013 gadgets bring all the unique features and useful tools of smart technology to new mediums.

The Pebble is a smart watch (above) that is fully compatible with iOS and Android systems.  With Bluetooth capability, an mp3 player and handy apps such as a pedometer and distance tracker, the Pebble allows users to manage various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter anytime, anywhere.

google glassNot available on the market just yet, the Glass is Google’s Vision Smartphone.  Activated by voice command, the cyborg-like eyewear contains a tiny camera built into the frame of the glasses and a monitor for displaying maps and other data accessed through Google.  Powered by the Android operating system Key Lime Pie, the Glass made its official debut in September during Fashion Week.

Apple continues to innovate and stimulate its fans, this time with a full-function LCD arm cuff, the iPhone bracelet.  Featuring a PDA, wireless internet connectivity, iPod technology and, of course, an iPhone, the iPhone bracelet is controlled by voice command or by movement; apps and files may be scrolled through with a simple flick of the wrist.  A wireless ear clip and a digicam in the clasp complete the product.

The latest innovation in flat-panel television uses a super-thin, flexible, light-emitting polymer display to create a dream theatre on any wall in the home.  Forming a seamless wall covering, these liquid video screens draw on a wireless satellite feed to supply the programming and broadcasts it for all to see.

Though as-yet unnamed and un-marketed, the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology has developed the first photochromic contact lens that darkens very quickly when the eye is exposed to sunlight.  These innovative contact lenses work by shielding the eyes from dangerous UV rays and the accompanying glare, all without comprising vision or comfort.  Made from silver halide microcrystals, the same kind that are used to make polychromatic eyeglasses, the lenses are available in practically every colour and will lighten or darken depending on the amount of surrounding light.

Out with the old, in with the new

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