Unreal Engine 4 running awesomely in Firefox browser

Unreal Engine 4 FirefoxMozilla has released a new demonstration video showing the Unreal Engine 4 running in the Firefox web browser.

This could well point to the future of online gaming – as Mozilla and Epic have collaborated to demonstrate how powerful the Firefox Web platform is for gaming.

The Unreal Engine is the powerhouse behind such titles as Gears of War, Infinity Blade, etc and the latest version has been specifically designed to power the next generation of games, and is designed to scale from PC and console to mobile and the Web.

Mozilla’s CTO and Senior Vice President of Engineering, Brendan Eich explains.

“This technology has reached a point where games users can jump into via a Web link are now almost indistinguishable from ones they might have had to wait to download and install.”

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney added

“We were blown away by what this Mozilla-pioneered technology achieved with Unreal Engine 3 on the Web, so we had no hesitation in working with Mozilla to port Unreal Engine 4. We believe the Web has a crucial part to play in the future of game development and deployment, and Mozilla has proven it is the catalyst to make this happen.”

Check out this video of Soul and Swing Ninja Epic, the two demos Epic is showing at this year’s Game Developers Conference:

[youtube id=”c2uNDlP4RiE”]

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