Uno III Streetbike – From Electric Unicycle to Motorcyle as you Ride

As it is Earth Day I thought I’d report on some gadgety eco transport for you.

Remember my excitement and then slight disappointment when the Uno electric racing unicycle appeared – now there’s version 3 and it’s got a neat trick!

The Uno III Streetbike is not only a very clever and sporty looking Segway alternative with its internal gyros and all but it also has the mind-melting ability to transform from the dicycle that most of us are familiar with by now to a motorcycle (actually a three-wheeled sports bike, but the back two wheels are very close together)!

The dicycle mode is pretty handy should you be in confined spaces and for parking it up.

The fun begins when you open the throttle as the third wheel of the U3 automatically folds out and the rear wheels slide back.

Yup, this thing actually transforms into a streetbike, right while you are driving it, all without losing stability or control.

This awesomeness means that you can zip along at higher speeds than in the dicycle mode – all the way to the heady heights of…. 30mph.

At least the transformation looks cool – check out the animated gif of it happening 🙂

You can pre-order the Uno III Streetbike over at Firebox where it retails for £8,500

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