Uno Electric Racing Unicycle Now Real – Not as Exciting

Uno CycleRemember the funky Canadian Uno concept from last year?

Part TT Racer, Part unicycle. You know, the unholy coupling of a Yamaha R6 and a Segway?

It blew me away with its almost Akira futurism.

Now it’s a really real thing and you’d think that I’d still be blown away – even more so now it’s a reality.

Well……….. not quite.

Unfortunately as soon as the Uno hits 20mph instead of looking like Kaneda’s choice of racer it transforms into an odd-looking regular two-wheeled thing (See the pic in the gallery below).

Ben Gulak, the Uno’s inventor covers himself by saying: “The original Uno was quite scary to speed up on. This is a much more user-friendly experience.”

Whoever gets on a motorbike for a safe and friendly experience?

What says you?

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