Universal Remote Features Bottle Opener – Pointless Genius?

Were I a regular blokey-bloke my weekends would be spent watching a variety of sports whilst downing many cold beers.

Instead I’m usually out gigging with one of my bands (Subset and ByeByeKurt) or watching a gig whilst drinking a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

Anyhow, if I did have the spare time to enjoy sitting in front of the box to watch a DVD or something with a beer The Clicker could be the remote of choice.

Now there’s no need to have three remote controls AND a bottle opener on the coffee table as The Clicker features a bottle opener added to a universal remote.

That’s right – you can open your brew and channel surf at the same time with just one device!!

Personally I’d rather have this CRISTAL table and drink from cans or buy Tuborg as they’ve pull caps on their bottles 😉

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