Unit Portables – modular gadget pockets, pouches and bags

unit portablesI have just been pointed in to the direction of Unit, a company who produces gear bags that are designed to be used individually or together. Yup, modular bags – but these are stylish.

Unit realises that we’re surrounded by stuff and need to take most of that stuff with us.

Unit Portables is a system of bags and pouches that structures gadgets in a smart way and allows you to add or remove pockets and pouches as required.

The laptop bag, for instance, is available for 13-inch or 15-inch laptops and the two pouches can be attached inside or outside the laptop bag to customise its use.

The Unit 04 tablet bag accommodates a full-sized iPad or similar tablet, and it can be attached to the Unit 01 bag or used alone.

Unit Portables makes a variety of other bags, including the Unit 15 backpack, the Unit 16 tote bag,
Unit 05 overnight bag, as well as smartphone pouches.

Prices range from €25.00 for a set of small pouches to €99.00 for some of the bigger bags.

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