Unimoke e-bike: coolest 2-wheeled cargo carrier

unimokeAfter a successful crowd funding campaign, Urban Drivestyle have launched the Unimoke. This e-bike features cool retro looks as well as a huge range of accessories. It all adds up to what looks to be a fun and practical way of getting around.

The Unimoke not only manages to stand out from the growing e-bike crowd, it also boasts the longest seat amongst its peers. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

Unimoke e-bike

unimokeThe Unimoke’s rugged, powder-coated steel frame, oversized, motorcycle-inspired headlight, 20-inch wheels and 4.25-inch wide tyres gives it a distinctive look. OK, it may be compared to the Lithium Cycles Super 73, but Urban Drivestyle actually addresses the similarities on its blog.

This electric moped is design and built in Germany. However, the company started as the first electric only bike and scooter rental on the Island of Mallorca. As renters demanded rugged, powerful and cool e-bikes, which could not be found on the market at that time, Urban Drivestyle simply developed their own.

Long seat

unimoke red rimsAccommodation is plentiful for a bike. The long seat features three individual cushions. This allows for some flexibility in layout.

As a basic seat, it’s designed to fit two adults or an adult and two children. The rear cushion can also be removed to make room for accessories, such as a child seat, cargo rack or basket.

The bike can carry nearly 400 lb (180 kg) of total weight, so it’s ready to get you to your destination complete with your luggage.


unimoke trailerWith up to 1,000 watts of motor power, the Unimoke will top out at 28 mph (45 km/h). Since a 1,000-watt e-bike will run into issues on public thoroughfares in many jurisdictions, Urban Drivestyle also offers 250- and 500-watt motor options. Meh.

The knobby tyres option provides all-terrain bite, whilst the semi-slicks keep it smooth on the street.

Powered is supplied by a Samsung 11.6-AH ‘lithium-ion battery and will keep you going for 25 miles (40 km). Additionally, you could even consider buying a second battery to double the distance. Also, thanks to the quick charger you can fill it up the cell again within 2 to 4 hours.

However, should you get caught out, its pedals are connected to an eight-speed Shimano drivetrain. Although, pedaling that chunky, 57-lb (26-kg) bike any distance isn’t filling me with happy thoughts.

Saying that, the bike also has nine different pedal-assist modes, so riders of various abilities should be able to find their sweet spot.


unimoke lcdOther noteworthy points include the LCD computer with USB output for charging gadgets, disc brakes and adjustable handlebars.

Furthermore, there are a selection of racks and trailers designed especially for the Unimoke.  I would love to turn up to a gig carrying all my gear on a ‘moke.

Price and availability

For the 250w version of the Unimoke V2, you are looking at €2,390.00.

unimoke captain cargoTypically, the one that has really caught my eye is their new Captain Cargo variant at €3,290.00. This boasts Magura hydraulic disc brakes, a double light system, reinforced frame, side stand and seat structure, and high capacity 21 Ah Panasonic battery. For the cargo bit, you get a foldable back rest/seat extension, and the option of a folding cargo trailer. Want!

Head on over to the Urban Drivestyle site for more deets.