Unify 4 Life Changes Blackberry Into Universal Remote

Blackberries.  They’re a bit…..business like generally aren’t they?

Well, that was my impression until I read about this hardware and software thingy from Canada.

This clever stuff will magically change your BlackBerry into a universal remote control for a typical AV set up, your lights, your garage door or anything else that you have remotely controlled! 

Unify4Life supplies an AV hub box that talks to the AV equipment through an infrared connection, but then communicates with a BlackBerry over Bluetooth.

The software also knows which commands can be used with which situation, so if you’re watching a movie, the BlackBerry’s screen will display only those buttons required to, for example, fast forward a DVD and change the volume for the AV system.  This is to stop you fastforwarding the lights and turning up the volume on the garage door I assume.

There’s a full review of this cool little bit of kit on the CrackBerry website.