Unboxing the Nokia 7705 Twist – Square, Twisty and Groovy

Nokia7705TwistI’m a sucker for quirky designs and especially over-design.

And, although it’s not as high in the WTF? stakes I still dig the square looks of the Nokia 7705 Twist.

Check out the video below and not at least find it kinda groovy.

Ok, it’s not the smartest smartphone with its 3MP camera and even though it does pack some social media and emailing skillz – for me it’s all about the looks.

I know – I’m shallow!

A quick tour sees that there’s a Contact Light Ring on the right that flashes different colours to warn/inform you who’s contacting you – again that must be a point for the Nokia 7705 Twist.

So – have a quick look at the video and see if you want to join me in getting the Nokia 7705 Twist to be released in Blightly

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