Umbuster – Part Knuckle Duster, Part Umbrella – Totally Cool

At the start of Spring (I think it was) this was a mere concept.

Now the rain-stopping thuggery better known as the Umbuster is official – things are looking nasty for bad weather!

It is now available as a bespoke item so you can slip your fingers through that metal ‘handle’ and give those other pedestrians that look that means “please remove yourself from my path. I do believe I have the right of way old chap” with a certain glint in your eye.

This level of inclement weather smugness will cost you around £190 and be sure to check weather (arf!) you’re legally permitted to own one.

Apparently it is classed as a Class 5 weapon in parts of Australia-a-a-a-a-a! (just for those Rhianna fans that were waiting for a pun 🙂 )