Ultra Portable Mac – Apple Rumour

Everyone is jumping up and down all excited like because there is another snippet of evidence pointing to the slight possibility that Apple has ordered parts that could be components of a tiny little Maclette.

Taiwan’s DigiTimes states that Apple has placed orders for 13.3″ backlit LED display parts, and some believe it will be for a new ultraportable MacBook – or could the MacBook be going on a diet?

“Kenmos Technology and Taiwan Nano Electro-Optical Technology (Nano-Op) have become suppliers of notebook-use LED backlight units (BLUs) for Dell and Apple, with the makers’ shipments to the segment expected to soar, according to industry sources.

Nano-Op has already started shipping 12.1-inch notebook LED BLUs to Dell via AU Optronics (AUO), and its 13.3-inch LED notebook BLUs have already been validated by Apple, the sources said.”

Anybody notice that it also mentions Dell?  No, thought not.