Ultra HD service to come to PlayStation 4 first – PS4K

4k uhdSony has just revealed its first big non-gaming service for the PS4. The world’s first 4K video service will appear on the PlayStation.

4K, or Ultra HD as it’s sometimes called, is being lined up as the next standard in video fidelity, doubling the current 1080p Full HD standard to 2160p. This means you get an image resolution of a peeper-pleasing 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux said that, while a movie service is on the way, the new console isn’t designed to run 4K games.

Ultra HD movie files are typically around 100GB in size – can anyone forsee a problem with this in the UK?

Let’s face it, sometimes I have 4OD or BBC iPlayer shows annoyingly buffering away and there’s still concerns about the size of game downloads. A bunch of people trying to download 100GB films… well, I’m sure that this has got providers soiling themselves right now.

Sony is targeting PS4 as an ideal entry-point into the 4K ecosystem – anyone got a 3D TV? Yeah, it looks like that was actually a fad.

Keep in mind though, nobody actually knows what the PS4 looks like yet.

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