Ultimate R2-D2 is Perhaps the Finest R2 Collectable

ultimate rd-d2R2-D2 must be the galaxy’s most loved and most recognised droid.

As well as being adorable as a companion he’s also proved himself handy to have around – whether as a mechanic or patching into computer interfaces he’s helped many a human, as well as fellow droids, out of rather sticky situations.

This R2 statue is probably the best and most complete I’ve seen thus far – correct me if I’m wrong.

The aptly titled ‘Ultimate R2-D2 Statue’ is a 1:6 scale model and comes with eight different accessories including a periscope scanner, mechanical gripper and utility saw all of which can be assembled into the sculpture’s exposed chest or dome panels.

Each piece is hand numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity. It’s a must-have for any R2-D2 or Star Wars fan!

The Ultimate R2-D2 Statue can be pre-ordered for $158 from Entertainment Earth. Christmas is almost here 😉

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