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UKI hair stardomWe like to mix things up here at GadgetyNews. So, as the party season is here, we have been sent a couple of hair styling gadgets from those lovely people at House of Centini – the UKI Mr Bubble and Hystrix.

Those who know me will be aware that I have long-ish hair.

Yes, my ‘fashion’ hasn’t moved on from when I discovered heavy metal in the 80s. I am comfortable with that.

I was prepared to try these out on myself but, fortunately, I had a willing volunteer. Who then didn’t want to be photographed.

Anyhow, here are the reviews.

Mr Bubble

uki mr bubbleStop sniggering at the back! Yes, this could raise eyebrows should you leave it on your bedside table. It’s name doesn’t really help either, does it?

But there is a good reason for Mr Bubble’s shape.

The idea is that the asymmetric design will give you a more natural looking curl.

A microchip controls the temperature of the professional-grade Tourmaline ceramic plate… Hang on. The what now?

Why Tourmaline?

I am not going to pretend to already known what this is. But, what I have found out is that Tourmaline is a rare mineral that naturally emits negative ions and infrared rays.

UKI has injected Tourmaline into the ceramic heating plates so that you can style your hair using less heat. Also, apparently, those negative ions actually trap moisture into the hair.

So, together, you are left with hair that is both styled and shiny.

Mr Bubble performance

The speed at which Mr Bubble heats up is remarkable.

Naturally, the heat settings can be controlled on the wand. It was good to see the obvious professional touches on this device.

mr bubble stylingMr Bubble resultsYou get a 3 meter cable that is fitted to the wand in a cuff that can rotate through 360 degrees.

By sectioning your hair and then wrapping it around the bubbles you are left with fairly loose curls. A quick brush-through gives you natural-looking waves.

[youtube id=”PqAlh2imMoc”]

The results are impressive and, thanks to the consistent heat, pretty quick to achieve.


uki-hystrix straightenerNow this one is a great two-for-one deal.

The UKI Hystrix is not only a hot brush for super-fast curling and volume, but it is also a straightening iron for smoother looks.

Where Mr Bubble was packing Tourmaline, Hystrix is rocking Argan Oil-infused ceramic plates.

Argan Oil

As the ceramic plates on the Hystrix heat up, they realise the Argan nutrient into the hair giving your style shine and protection.

I do hope I am not the only one learning stuff here!

Hystrix performance

To use as a brush you simply lock the two-halves off. This creates a hot barrel brush.

Anyone that has used a hot brush before will be familiar with the volumising effects.

Unlock the straighteners and you’ll see the heat controls, as well as the professional ceramic plates.

UKI HytrsixHystrix is coated with a smooth heat resistant material making it very safe to use.

The coated bristles are heat resistant too. This allows you to hold your hair around it with your hand for superb control.

Just like Mr Bubble, the Hystrix has a 360 degree professional swivel cord.

The Argan oil combined with adjustable temperature control 130º- 210º maintains hair health leaving it smooth and shiny.

Mr Bubble and Hystrix review conclusion

I have to say, even I could tell the difference when using these bits of tech compared to other high street brands.

The fit and finish is what I would class as professional. In fact, Max Centini uses the products in the salon. I have been promised a Brazilian Blow-out but still yet to take him up on that.

Both devices reached their working temperatures quickly and left hair just as desired.

If you’re serious about your style, you owe it to yourself (and your hair) to check these out.

Mr Bubble and Hystrix prices and availabilty

You can get these, as well as other UKI products from House of Centini right now!

Mr Bubble is £50

Hystrix is £93