UK Xbox 360 Slim Owners Get Increased Bragging Rights

If you’re lucky enough to have swiped a new Xbox 360 S here in the UK then you are a very lucky gamer indeedy.

It seems that retailers in Blighty have hideously underestimated the consoles draw as most stores are reporting stock shortages.

Tesco Direct are out and chances were low if you tried to get one in store.

GAME has gone through its initial stock and Sainsbury’s said that it had gone through its entire first batch in just a few hours, and that the next delivery probably wouldn’t “last the whole day.”

It seems that this is pretty much the story across the nation and when the new stock arrives over the next coupla weeks it looks like it will be a first-come-first-served deal. No chance of pre-ordering so you’d better get queuing!

Did you get one?

How smug are you?

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