UK Samsung Galaxy S4 quad not octa-core processor

uk galaxy s4If, like me, you were excited and curious about the Samsung Galaxy S4 packing eight cores prepare to be bemused. According to a statement from Samsung released to Omio, the only variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 we’re going to get in the UK is the 1.9GHz quad-core version.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 won’t get an 8-core processor in the UK, with Brits having to ‘make do’ with the quad-core chip instead, Samsung has confirmed.

When Samsung lifted the lid on its new smart phone, it explained that the kind of processor lurking inside the phone would vary by country, with some nations getting a version with Samsung’s own-brand 1.6GHz Exynos5 octa-core chip, and others getting a 1.9GHz Qualcomm quad-core chip.

A UK-centric press release from Samsung previously made mention of the octa-core chip, but sadly it seems that was just a big tease. This could irk many of those who’ve made pre-orders.

So what exactly are we missing out on? To be honest, we might not even notice the lack of the other four cores. Yes, the Exynos5 octa-core chip has eight cores, but the Galaxy S4 wouldn’t be using all of them at once as there’s two four-core chips handling the processing.

There are no apps or services out there so far that have really taxed the S III’s quad-core processor to its limits (the overheating/exploding issue was a fake), so I’m guessing that the quad-core chip the UK gets stuck with will still prove very speedy.

But, let’s face it, telling your mates that your new flagship Sammy smarty packs an octa-core chip does sound cooler 😉

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