UK pirates now to get away unpunished

pirateThe new voluntary copyright alert programme (Vcap) will see naughty pirates get issued with up to four warnings annually if their broadband connection is known to be unlawfully sharing files. What happens if you ignore these warnings you may ask? Nothing.

You read correctly. As of next year if, after four warnings, the perpetrator continues to illegally download or share media no sanctions will be used against them.

The warning letters will be written in an informative way, rather than in an accusatory fashion. This is to offer advice on where to find legitimate sources of content as an alternative to piracy – just in case you were unaware.

This will be part of a new scheme from Creative Content UK, jointly created by content owners/ creators and internet service providers (ISPs) with the aim of promoting legal entertainment online. It will be supported by a joint creative industry and government three-year education campaign set to launch before spring 2015.

UK Business Secretary Vince Cable said this week:

“The creative industries in the UK are one of our brilliant global success stories. We have unrivaled creativity – from record breaking musicians to box office films – that excite and inspire people all over the world. Yet too often that content is open to abuse by some who don’t play by the rules.

That is why we are working with industry to ensure that intellectual property rights are understood and respected. Education is at the heart of this drive so people understand that piracy isn’t a victimless crime – but actually causes business to fail, harms the industry and costs jobs.”

Many alternatives to this scheme were also considered, including internet being cut off for persistent pirates, as outlined in the Digital Economy Act of 2010. This policy wasn’t followed due to severe technical limitations, so a simpler education approach will be enacted.

Do you agree with this method or do you think that piracy should be dealt with more severely?

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