UK pays most for SIM free smartphones in Europe

londonWe’re generally used to seeing prices of tech being lower in other countries, such as the US, and have to allow for ‘Brit Tax’ but, in a new study released today, consumers in the UK are suffering with the highest cost of SIM-free handsets in Europe when it comes to the top smartphones.

In an analysis of the prices of the most popular smartphone models across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, the average price was €305.19, whereas in the UK, the average price is €323.28. It is in Italy where consumers are getting the best deal, with the average cost at just €285.98.

SIM free pricesOn the back of these findings, and coupled with the current strength of the Pound over the Euro, consumers looking to purchase a smartphone in the UK might do well to cast their net further afield in search of retailers who ship from Europe.

The study can be read in full here.