UK Networks Reveal iPhone 4 Pricing – It’s Time to See Who Has The Best Deal


I’ve tried looking at the tariff’s and handset prices to try and decide if O2 gets to keep me or if I should shuffle off to Vodafone or Orange.

I hate maths but I hate spending too much money even more!

What makes things worse is that T-Mobile, Tesco and 3 have yet to show their hand – Vodafone kinda let things slip so that’s the info that’s being used 😉

Now, if the figures in Vodafone’s ‘leaked’ price plan is kosher then that’s the network with the best offers for the cheapest deal and the for the ‘average’ user.

In comparison, Orange has the most expensive ‘plan’ for the iPhone 4 32GB. Enter a 2 year contract and put just £29 up front you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, European roaming calls, texts and data, and ‘unlimited’ UK data with a 750MB fair-use policy which all adds up to a princely £1,829!

So, those Voda deals then. If you’re desperate to get an iPhone 4, not much dosh and can put up with 75 minutes chat, 250 texts and 1GB of data per month then have a look at these prices. The first package is for an iPhone 4 16GB where you buy into a £25 per month contract where the handset will cost you £189 which all adds up to £789 after 2 years. If you’d rather go the 18 months route; then go £30 per month. The phone still costs £189 and the 18 month total is £729.

If you class yourself as an average user, where should you get your iPhone 4 from? If you take that the ‘average person’ makes 250 minutes of calls, sends 180 texts and uses 500MB of data per month which network gives the best deal?

Well, over 24 months, both Vodafone and O2 offer 300 minutes and unlimited texts for £30 per month.

Unfortunately O2 is being a bit tight with its data on that plan and only includes 500MB of data but Voda offers a full 1GB. Advantage Vodafone (again) it seems.

That means if you opt for £30 per month for 2 years for a 16GB iPhone 4 you’ll need to pay £149 for the phone and all that comes to £869 in total. You could opt for 18 months on the £35 per month deal where the phone is the same price as the 24 month one and you get the same data/talk/text plan; it’ll just cost you £779 over 18 months instead.

What about Orange and O2 then?

If you must go with a network that start’s with an ‘O’ then they both look fairly similar with both brandishing a 2 year, £35 per month contract which lands you a 16GB iPhone with 600 minutes and unlimited texts for £199. The 32GB version is a tenner cheaper on O2 at £209 though.

The difference is, when you check out the data allowance and O2 hands you that 500MB of inclusive data unlike Orange who gives you more.

If you opt for O2 on an 18 month contract you’ll pay £35 per month for 300 inclusive minutes and unlimited texts along with that 500MB of inclusive data but saying that – O2 is still cheaper than Orange for the handsets – £179 for 16GB and £279 for the 32GB.

I hope that’s made things clearer for now. I reckon O2 are able to cap the data as most current iPhone owners probably are already tied in to O2.

I just hope that Vodafone doesn’t change their prices now!

Now, let’s see what the rest of the operators come up with……….

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