UK iPhone 4 Prices and Tariffs Leaked

Well, it had to happen given the iPhone 4’s history.

As we’re all waiting for details of price and tariffs ahead of tomorrow’s pre-ordering frenzy Vodafone has ‘accidently’ let slip the deets.

It seems that the 16GB iPhone 4 will retail for £189 on their cheapest 18 month contract which costs £30 a month, whilst the 32GB iPhone 4 will retail for £280 on their cheapest £30 a month contract.

You may also spot the 1GB data cap that O2 announced before – so, should we take this as something that’s going across the board then?

As you might expect this little slip has now been removed but Vodafone has posted up a little note on the MacRumours Forum:

Hi Everyone,
A couple of you have cleverly spotted a test page which went live on our website not long ago.
I want to stress that this is a test site, and so any information on there is not confirmed. With this in mind, We’ve removed a number of posts from the forum which contain information which could cause confusion.
I appreciate you’re all going to want to talk about this from now, but no pricing information has been confirmed and so we’ll have nothing to add to any questions raised.
We’ll announce pricing information as soon as we can. Until then, please head over to the register your interest page to ensure you get the latest information as and when it becomes available.

Click on the pics to view the tariffs and then once more to go large 🙂

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