UK iPhone 3G – Numbers Will Be Limited!!!

iPhone White BackWord on the blogosphere is that Apple is a bit miffed at us here in Blighty and our propensity to unlock iPhones so they’re going to limit supplies of the iPhone 3G

Toys/Pram mean anything to ya?

ElectricPig reports that a source has said that ” Some are suspected of being sold abroad, while the majority are unlocked for use on other networks in the UK.”

The source goes on to say that the UK will receive a “very limited stock” of the iPhone 3G as a result, especially the 16GB model, which could go some way to explain the “one per customer” rationing.

It also sounds like we might be spanked further by way of not getting the white version (displayed here).

Next step is that all UK Apple Stores will include a ‘naughty bench’ for us to sit on and think of what we’ve just done. Just kiddin.

Or am I?

Do you think that this is fair?