UK Google Indoor Maps Launched – Over 40 Locations Included in time for London 2012 Olympics

google indoor maps london ukFed up of getting lost in shopping centres? Never able to find the loos in Waterloo Station? Well, ever thought of Googling because Google has a new indoor map feature and the UK version is live!

Ready for the tourist onslaught known as the London 2012 Olympics, Google has released its indoor map feature for various locations in the UK.

Indoor Maps was first released in the US and Japan back in November last year, and has since been updated to improve indoor location accuracy and to provide indoor walking directions.

The feature launches in the UK with maps of more than 40 locations including the National Theatre, Wembley Stadium and Arena, the O2, Harrods, John Lewis, museums, various train stations, airports, shopping centres (or malls if you’re from America), and other places you’re likely to visit and get lost in.

Simply fire up Google Maps and if you are in a supported location all you have to do is zoom in, and let the indoor floor plan automagically load up.

The system allows any building owner to upload their floor plan to be included in the future.

Google has a full list of venues on the Google Maps site. No, the MI6 Building is not on the list.

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