UK Gets its First Gamer Rehab Clinic – 12 Steps in Somerset

online-gamerAfter reporting about the internet addiction clinic opening in the States in August it’s the turn of the Brits.

Yup – we are now the proud owners of our first rehab clinic targeting addicted gamers.

The Broadway Lodge, a residential rehabilitation unit in Weston-super-Mare, treats around 400 addicts a year for a range of issues and will adapt the Minnesota Method Twelve-Step programme, normally used to treat people addicted to drugs, drink and gambling, in order to treat gamers that exhibit similar behaviour.

Patients at the clinic will take part in group therapy, video sessions and therapeutic tasks including vacuuming and washing up – surely that’s more shock therapy for most hard-core gamers!!??!!

The Chief Exec of the centre, Brian Dudley, says that between 5-10% of the nation knows someone addicted to an online game.

Dudley believes that the rise and rise of online games such as World of Warcraft, which requires players to invest large amounts of time to progress, has triggered this new addiction.

The Telegraph reports: “Sufferers spend days at a time glued to their computer screens – going without food, sleep, or any social interaction. As a result they suffer malnutrition, relationship-breakdown and postural problems.”

With the recent release of Championship Manager, there are sure to be bleary-eyed, pale-skinned addicts across the country that don’t know what day it is. If this sounds like you, contact the centre now.

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