The UK Games Market is Huge! Infographic Proof

gaming market valueFed-up with hearing about the recession and that gaming is a waste of time and money? Well, it looks like gamers are actually responsible for generating a huge amount of cash.

It’s a familiar story in the press that the High Street is taking a battering, but recent studies show that the UK games market is still doing extremely well, thank you.

The gaming know-it-alls over at MCV have reported that gamers spent over £3bn on their hobby in 2011.

Proof indeed that mobile, downloads and licensed toys have been doing a rather good job of covering the shortfall in other sectors of the market.

That huge £3.226bn includes data on online, mobile, and merchandising. Click on the infographic or here to see it huge!

With all the data brought together the report shows that game brands are, in fact, more powerful than ever!

You may have also noticed that last year was huge for spin-off toys (for example: Angry Bird plushies, keyring flashdrives, etc), DVDs and soundtracks. The spin-off alone made an incredible £70m in revenue in 2011.

With the Sony PlayStation Vita arriving here next week and the Xbox 720 and Sony PlayStation 4 getting plenty of coverage it looks like this year should be pretty good too.

See the full breakdown here.

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