UK Flat Flexible Loudspeakers (FFL) To Bring Clarity to Train Announcements

fffNope – I’m not about to start rambling on about a new development in oven-ready meals that utilises a funky tin foil interface.

That bit of foil is the future of public address speakers.

Soon, hopefully, announcements on train platforms and other public places will become crystal clear instead of that mumbling annoyance that we currently have to try and work out.

This speaker tech is under development at the University of Warwick,

The FFL (“Flat Flexible Loudspeaker”) speakers are actually a thin laminate of conducting and insulating material that resonate when electricity is passed through them.

The great sound is the result of the entire surface creating sound in phase at once, which allows it to produce highly directional audio.

These FFL speakers could be built into anything, bus stops, road signs, advertising posters, and the list goes on.

Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Well, the first commercial FFL product goes on sale later this year.