UK Broadband Hotspots and Notspots Mapped

When looking for somewhere to live you might consider the restaurants or bars in the area, what shops are close, or if there’s a decent club within staggering distance.  Maybe you need to know what the schools are like or if there is room to park you car; but now there’s another criteria on that ever-growing list.

How fast is the broadband connection?

Thinkbroadband has very helpfully gathered all the coverage information they can from the various networks and added the estimated speeds from broadband researcher Point Topic. They then sprinkled the real-life speed tests taken by users on top.

The result is a multi-layered map of the country showing the information you’re looking for.

You can add and remove the layers which will drop in exchange locations, top speeds as well as those areas to avoid – the Notspots!

Even now, after having a play with various postcodes, there seems to be a scary amount of Notspots and Slowspots (2Mbps or less). 🙁

Thinkbroadband is looking to continue its thirst for information and plans to add the knowledge from the Government site as well as other sources so that the map will be able to show information such as population trends against the speed data.

Sling in your postcode here and let me know how your area rates in the comments box below 🙂

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