UK Apple iPad 2 Price Cheaper than Original iPad!

Apple has just announced the UK iPad pricing ahead of its launch on Friday.

I knew that Apple was going to come out at a competitive price point and expected the iPad 2 to slot into the original iPad’s costing.

I was not prepared, however, to see Apple’s latest post-pc device to actually come in lower than the original iPad’s launch price of £429 for the base model.

The Wi-Fi only 16GB iPad 2 will cost £399 including VAT – the 32GB and 64GB models slot in at £479 and £559 respectively.

If you’re looking for one with 3G anywhere interwebs as well as GPS built in then add another £100 as per usual 😉

Has that made the iPad 2 more desirable to you or were you already sold?

Let me know below 🙂

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