UK 3G iPhone for £100 via O2

3G iPhoneIn a similar move to the French Orange iPhone deal that I reported on May 27th – reports are circulating that the 3G iPhone will go on sale in the UK for around the £100 mark.

If this is true see me in the queue!

Apple is apparently adjusting its strategy to boost sales.  New deals with operators have revealed that the company is changing its fixed price (May 2oth), exclusive partner business plan in order to attain their 10 million iPhone sales target for this year.

UBS analysts think the iPhone will be available in Europe for as little as 99 euros, and suggest O2 could subsidise the cost of the phone, meaning the price to the consumer dropping to £100.

Ben Wood, a CCS Insight analyst, said:

“They are also looking for more flexibility on how the operators can price the iPhone, although I am not convinced that they will let them have open season on the price, as they have a lucrative iPod market to protect”.

Via – Times Online