UBTECH brings Alpha 1S and Jimu robots to UK

ubtech alpha 1sUBTECH has announced that it is launching new programmable, interactive and, more importantly, affordable robots in the UK market.

Interactive and intuitive robots are certainly going to be appearing on most gadgety Christmas lists and I am sure that the Alpha 1S is going to feature heavily. This highly flexible humanoid robot can even be programmed via your smartphone.

Joining Alpha 1S are the Jimu Robots. These creative building-sets of interactive robot parts allow you to ‘make and move’ anything you can imagine. These are also controlled from your smartphone.

With the launch of these robots, UBTECH’s founder James Chow – nicknamed the ‘Father of Robots’ in China – is seeing his vision of taking robots out of research labs and into homes come true.

Jim Barnes, retail director at Thames Distribution, exclusive distributors for UBTECH in the UK and Benelux, says

Owners will be able share their inventions and skills with a global community – and for younger robot fans aged 8 and above they will deliver key robotics learning skills in a fun and engaging way. Sophisticated tech-toys have already been identified as one of the ‘hot gifts’ for 2016, and there’s a robotic exhibition at the Science Museum next year so we’re confident Alpha and Jimu will be an enormous success”

After meeting these robots in the flesh, as it were, I can safely say that they are impressive. Not only that, but Alpha 1S is really intuative to use. In fact, after a brief run down of the smartphone controls, I was battling another Alpha 1S in a boxing match. OK, so I lost that bout, but I want a rematch soon!

Alpha 1S

The friendly, flexible Alpha 1S stands 398mm tall. Thanks to its 16 servo joints, it is able to move with precision and perform highly complex actions.

Easy-to-use straight out of the box, Alpha 1S can quickly be connected to its mobile app on iOS and Android. The Alpha comes with gamepads for gladiator and football games so you can get straight in to the action.

The app’s control programme allows you to create moves for your robot. You are also able to share these new actions and moves, as well as download them, with the global community.

ubtech alpha 1s kickAlpha 1S also has a computer programme option which allows more detailed programming such as loading music and very specific timed movements onto the robot. It takes the programming to another level for robot experimentation

Once charged, the Alpha 1S will move continually for 60 minutes.

Alpha 1S price

Perfect for ages 13 and above, the Alpha IS retails at £399 and is available from leading retailers such as Toys R Us, Argos, Amazon, Selfridges London and Costco.

Jimu Robot Kits

Jimu Robots are interactive building block robotics kits that empower children, teenagers and robot fans of all ages to create and programme their own robots.

Kits can be built into shapes such as houses, animals, machinery and vehicles which, once built, can be programmed with actions from your smartphone or tablet.

UBTECH jimu rhinoThe units in each kit snap together easily; no tools are required. The app for each of the kits gives step by step instructions to facilitate building, and any ‘newly invented’ robot moves can be shared in the community. Jimu also comes with loaded actions ranging from simple to complex for instant enjoyment and inspiration.

For kids aged 8+ the Jimu robots are a perfect way to learn about robotics through play. With the increased emphasis in schools on coding and programming, Jimu is a fun and creative way for kids to practice and develop these skills outside the classroom.

There are two levels of Jimu kits depending on age/ability: Explorer and Inventor.

Jimu Explorer – RRP £149.99

372 interlocking parts

7 servo motors

1 control box, 1 power adaptor, 1 lithium battery

Jimu Inventor – RRP £299.00

675 Interlocking parts

16 servo motors

1 control box, 1 power adaptor, 1 lithium battery

Jimu Explorer and Inventor are available from leading retailers including Amazon, Argos and Costco.

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For further info visit: http://www.ubtechrobotics.co.uk