Two-tone MSI Z97 SLI Krait edition pops up black and white

msi z97 sli KraitRed and black, or black and red, appears to be de rigueur in the PC building community. Now, I’m not sure if that’s through personal choice or the fact that Asus ROG, MSI, Gigabyte and all their fellows are churning out black and red motherboards and other tech bits to slam in your new rig. Well, it seems that MSI, at least, is making a break for it with a tasty black and white Z97 Krait number.

I’ve been waiting to see if Asus TUF’s Sabranco will actually make it in to reality for mere mortals, such as myself, to buy as it would look super sweet in my mostly white, with blue accents, Stryker build.

Even if the Sabranco does make it out, I understand that it will be a limited edition mobo and will also probably carry a hefty asking price.

This gorgeous slab of board from MSI looks like it might do me just fine though.

The black and white themed Z97 motherboard dubbed the ‘Z97 SLI Krait Edition’ is said to have been born out of sheer consumer demand – and I totally believe that.

Colour themed PC builds have become pretty common in recent years, something that MSI knows very well as the company has released an entire line of red and black themed “gaming” products along with everyone else, and their aunt.

Those red or blue highlights seen on MSI’s other Z97 SLI products have been replaced by a high contrast black and white heatsink scheme and matte black PCB. It also appears that a lot of the surface-mounted components seen on this class of board are not present, resulting in a far cleaner look than is typical of boards in this range.

I am at present unsure if this will significantly affect the feature set or performance but I can say that it will, at the very least, support dual-GPU configurations and has that ideal two-slot gap between cards which leaves plenty of room for cooling a pair of graphics cards.

SATA ports (including one SATA Express Port) are camouflaged somewhat by being at right angles to the motherboard PCB, and even the VGA port housing on the rear is coloured to be in keeping with the rest of the board.

Other specs and pricing are yet to be divulged.