Two New iPhones Could be Revealed in June – Includes 3Gs Replacement

Now this has a whiff of iPhone mini but never-the-less Senior analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, from Digitimes has bravely stated that the iPhone 4G project consists of not one but two different products!

Yup – two iPhone 4G’s codenamed the N90 and N91!

The N90 is apparently the one that’s been left in a bar, groped, dissected and filmed and the interesting one (the one I’ve only just heard about) is the N91. By all accounts the N91 is a cut-down edition of the full N90, intended to step in if there are significant delays to the N90 “due to spec modifications”.

Now the thing that springs to mind is that the iPhone 4.0 looks quite a lot different to the 3Gs and we know how picky Apple is about looks and style. Apple is already killing off the 3G.

So, could the N91 be a 3Gs replacement?

Digitimes says that the N91 features 256MB of RAM, like the iPhone 3GS. Could it be 3Gs innards wrapped in a next gen body?

We don’t have to wait long now as Steve Jobs will reveal all on 7 June at the WWDC conference – word is that the new iPhone may actually be available by mid-June.

What say you?

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