Twitter to Become Shopping Network

twitter-logoIt sounds like Twitter has plans to turn its addictive mircoblogging sensation into a cash making machine via that other addiction:  Shopping.

Plans are underway to convert the Web 2.0 phenomenon into an e-commerce network where mentions of products and recommendations from tweets can be linked to product purchasing pages directly on the site.

Millions of Tweeple already use the site to gain advice, recommendations and click links to reviews (like on on what to buy from a circle of trusted, like-minded followers.

Twitter can obviously sees that this would be a great to finally earn some serious dough!

So next time you tweet about how great this brand of coffee is or that you think this free-range tomato tastes the best Twitter will get commission whilst your followers get to know about your eating habits.

Twitter’s Tom Chaffee says: “Commerce-based search businesses monetize extremely well, and if someone says, ‘What treadmill should I buy?’ you as the treadmill company want to be there. As people use Twitter to get trusted recommendations from friends and followers on what to buy, e-commerce navigation and payments will certainly play a role in Twitter monetization.”

According to the New York Times report, you’ll soon be able to organise your tweets into subsections such as friends, family and celebrities, news and charities.

Twitter is also planning to launch a stream which focusses on certain topics.

Golfers such as Ian Poulter are tweeting live from the USPGA Championship this weeked, so potentially we could see a stream featuring all competitors in one place.

Do you think all of this is positive?

Let me know 🙂

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