Twitter Music not released but more information here

twitter musicAfter reports promised that Twitter Music would be released this weekend it seems all we are getting at the moment is a landing page. But, more details have come to the surface.

Designer, Youssef Sarhan, has managed to pry some details from Twitter Music’s source code.

Thanks to Sarhan’s awesome sleuthwork, we now know a lot more than we did before. Most interestingly, how Twitter Music will let users connect with Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and Youtube.

Youssef followed the trail of source code that eventually led to this:

.iconmusic-spotify-connect-btn{background-position:-4431px -0px;height:32px;width:179px}

.iconmusic-player-source-rdio{background-position:-2801px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-itunes{background-position:-2751px -0px;height:19px;width:30px}

.iconmusic-player-source-soundcloud{background-position:- 2851px -0px;height:14px;width:92px}

.iconmusic-player-source-vevo{background-position:-2963px -0px;height:9px;width:53px}

.youtube-vid player{position:absolute;padding:10px;height:200px}

That’s basically Twitter Music connecting with most of the big boys of online music.

In addition, Youssef found that there will be a web interface along with a separate app, the ability to purchase music, the ability to tweet from the music player, charts to show trending music.

Naturally, there will also be artist bios and, if you are in to your typography, then you’ll be happy to know that the font used in Twitter Music will be Proxima Nova.


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