Twitter Interview With Sony Europe TV – Twinterview @timpage @sonyeurope

TwinterviewFor those of you that follow me on Twitter you will have seen my twinterview with Sony‘s Tim Page, Senior Technology Marketing Manager for TV’s.

For you guys that missed it we managed to cover what Sony is doing for people with disabilities, their plans for 3D televisions (possibly without needing 3D glasses) and whether there’s plans for larger OLED tele’s.

I have transcribed the twinterview below so that you can catch up 🙂


JayGarrett@SonyEurope – ello Tim :0) First of all thanks for sparing the time for this quickfire Q&A :0)

SonyEurope@JayGarrett no worries happy to help! first question please…

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – The first question is just to clear up: How is Sony’s 200Hz different from similar tech used by your competitors?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett Motionflow 200Hz creates 200 unique pictures every second and with Image Blur Reduction makes a clear and smooth image

SonyEurope@JayGarrett other current techniques use scanning backlight and black frame insertion but these have fewer unique frames than MotionFlow

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – nice. What does the intelligent Presence Sensor do on the WE5 and why is it a good thing?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett presence sensor detects body heat and motion; if no-one is watching or you fall asleep then picture turns off then /standby mode

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – does it turn back on when you come back? Can you just have audio if you’ve gone to make a cuppa?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett when you come back, pic switches on. when pic is off there’s still audio for a set time so you can still listen from the kitchen

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – sounds neat to me :0) Any plans for a 3D ready gogglebox as Sky will be offering that service next year?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett we showed a 3DTV prototype at CES in Vegas this year, also currently investigating technology options to further development

JayGarrett@SonyEurope I’m guessing you’ll still have to look like Joe 90 to watch it :0P

SonyEurope@JayGarrett let’s wait and see

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – Oooo… you tease!! Talkin bout development – The XEL-1 is lovely but what ever happened to that 27” OLED prototype?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett we’re continuing to research OLED as a format for the future and already using it in other products

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – noticed on Walkmans and stuff, do you still feel it’s important for TV or is HCFL, etc a better focus?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett there are many possible tv technologies, each having their own merits

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – fair point Tim :0) I understand Sony’s looking to make the tele’s easier to operate by those with disabilities – how?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett firstly all our TVs have Audio Description built in for the partially sighted, menus & remote controls designed with ease of use

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – no set-top box for AD must be a bonus :0)

SonyEurope@JayGarrett yes exactly, lots of TV programmes have AD soundtrack which can be heard automatically through your BRAVIA. try it and hear!

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – Finally before I let you get back to your busy job – is the AD controllable with a mixer?

SonyEurope@JayGarrett yes you can adjust the volume level of the AD track to draw your attention to the scene description.

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – sounds like something I’d like to play with anyhow :0) Thank you so much for your time Tim – I’ll transcribe this for GN :0)

SonyEurope@JayGarrett thats great thanks alot, see you next time! Tim

JayGarrett@SonyEurope – for sure :0)

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