Twitmatic – Twitter Video Aggregator

twitmaticTwitter and the likes are apparently getting more popular than email.

Now Twitmatic is pushing that even further!

Twitmatic is a new video aggregator from the creators of ffwd.

It pulls together a grouping of videos that people have posted in their tweets and allows you to skip to the next one when you get bored.

Videos come from a number of different providers, and just like the ffwd app, they’re sized to fit within a 640×440-pixel window.

The only downside I can see so far is that it doesn’t show you the tweet where the video was grabbed from – although it does show you who posted it, with a link to their Twitter feed.

It’s said that Twitmatic will get tweaked to include more ways to filter the videos – either by keyword, ffwd content channels, or by the people you follow on Twitter.

The company will also be creating a player that can display videos based on words that are currently trending on Twitter, turning it into a real-time video meme tracker.