Twinity Releases Virtual London – Delays Expected

Twinty LondonYou can now wander around the UK capital without leaving the comfort of your puter.

Well – bits any how.

Just like the real London the virtual version is beset by numerous delays.

Twinity, kinda like Second Life with real places, has finally launched a beta of virtual London.

Twinity was launched back in 2006 with a promise to model all the worlds major cities; and while London was always planned to follow Berlin and Singapore it has taken quite a while to get to where it is now.

Don’t nip onto your Apple puter though and expect to be slipping down Soho – the 3D browser only supports Windows XP and Vista.

At the moment PC users can visit London’s famous Soho district, “stretching virtually from Oxford Street down to Trafalgar Square including the world-famous Piccadilly Circus and China Town.”

Oxford Street is perhaps the mecca of most shopaholics as it’s known for all the famous brands that house their flagship stores there – I reckon that Twinity is waiting for some kind of ad deal as we know that virtual worlds are all about business and Twinity can’t be the exception now can it?

If it moves along it would be cool to watch the Olympic Village being built in real time wouldn’t it? 😉

Click here and see London so far 🙂

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