Twettle Tweets That Tea’s Almost Ready

We Brits slurp our way through around 165 million cups of tea every single day and my Mum probably covers about half that quota!

Thing is, when I’ve filled the kettle I’m then listening for that click or whistle that tells me that the water is ready for my brew. This causes a slight loss of attention regarding what I’m doing. I could wait by the kettle but then that’s just wasted time.

Ben Perman and Murat Multu must both be avid hot beverage consumers and hate playing the waiting game as they have come up an idea – one that involves a kettle and Twitter.

Hello Twettle!!

Yup, Ben and Murat’s concept kettle is dubbed Twettle and tweets via Wi-Fi to inform you that your brew is one step closer. It will also record how much water you’ve boiled and how many times during that week.

Possibly even cooler is that if you employed a Twettle in your office you can pick up a tweet when someone else has boiled the kettle and snaffle their water or wait politely in the queue.

To make this a reality the pair are looking for a $500,000 investment to bring the $115 Twettles onto shelves.

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