Turtle Beach HyperSound Glass – transparent panel speakers

hypersound glassTurtle Beach are well known in gaming audio circles. They are mostly renowned for headsets; but now they have revealed some see-through speakers.

Are you bored by the same old boxy speakers cluttering up your desk? Do you want speakers that don’t block your view of any artwork that might be on your walls? Turtle Beach may have just the thing.

Turtle Beach’s new HyperSound Glass speakers are made from, well, glass.

The HyperSound speakers utilise thin, transparent panes of glass and are directional. Yes, you can point them to where you want the sound to go.
[youtube id=”4cd3Pm7XIZI”]
This targeted audio is said to deliver an immersive, 3D-like audio experience.

HyperSound Glass works like touchscreen glass, where there are multiple layers of transparent materials and electronics working in conjunction with the glass.

For HyperSound Glass, the glass pane is layered with a set of transparent films allowing it to generate a beam of ultrasound that delivers crisp, clear audio to the targeted listener.

The speakers are still in the prototype phase, so it’ll be a while before you can hide them in your living room in plain sight.