Tube Phone – NokO2yster

NokiaO2oysterO2 has officially announced the launch of the rumoured “Tube-Phone” as a six-month trial across London.

500 O2 customers will be given the already-launched Nokia 6131 NFC handset installed with the “O2 Wallet” and 200 quid pre-loaded by the nice folk at Visa, who already offer an Oyster card.

As well as use their Oyster-enabled handsets as payment for tube and bus travel around the capital, the same way they would with an Oyster card, the guinea-pigs are being invited to go shop.

“Contactless” payments will be part of the trial at retailers including Books Etc, Chop’d, Coffee Republic, EAT, Krispy Kreme, Threshers and YO! Sushi.

There will also be the option to get information and other data from smart NFC-enabled posters and other points of info.

The trial is due to end in May, obviously by which point full feedback will have been provided, and analysed to look to a wider roll out.

Hopefully with better handsets.

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