Tron: Legacy LightCycle – Free Real Life Location Based iPhone Game

Fancy playing a real-time live-action version of the Tron Light Cycle face-off?

If you own an iPhone you can go download an app that will give you just that! I’m guessing that there’ll be an Android version fairly soon.

Once you get away from the fact that there’s some Coke Zero-branding attached you can start to enjoy a location-based game for Tron: Legacy.

Using your iPhone’s GPS your walk to work may take some detours but will infinitely more entertaining using the LiveCycle app.

The game revolves around the virtual Tron map, which is based on your own location.

Gamers create light trails based on their movements, and once other people crash into your trails, you receive points. 🙂

Watch the vid while you download the free app from the appstore.

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