Trolley Suitcase Transforms into Scooter – Samsonite Trolley Scooter

Scooter CaseYou may remember that I’ve written in the past about cases that can detect Wi-Fi, powered suitcases, baggage that’s secured by a scanning Biolock, circular cases for all-terrain dragging and even luggage that can convert into a two-seater settee.

Now there’s one that you can whizz-away on!

The Trolley Scooter from Samsonite and Micro Mobility is the perfect tool for by-passing the sweaty shuttle-buses or expensive taxis and go self-propelled to your hotel.

Even better if you’re a regular at various Expos and Trade Fairs as you can carry all you need and scoot up and down the isles to your hearts content.

No price is given but I’d reckon £80-£120 or thereabouts.

It would be an awful and unusual feeling to look out of your aeroplane’s window to see the baggage handlers taking it in turns to ride your luggage tho 😮

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