Triple Screened Prime Gaming Laptop

prime_gaming_laptop_foldedI use my laptop (well, clamshell desktop as I call it) for gaming and enjoy the fact that I can easily drag it around for LAN parties, etc. but there are those occasions when watching someone game with multiple screens.

But, this lappy may level the playing ground.

The Prime Gaming Laptop is designed by Kyle Cherry and is a case of – “This Must Be Produced” as far as I’m concerned.

It features three collapsible screens that offer a wide viewing panel and when unfurrled has a 32:10 aspect for better in game visibility.

It closes to the size of a 13″ notebook and opens to a super wide aspect 26″ notebook.


The main screen is a 10″ concealed OLED screen with 16:10 aspect. Both the left and the right screens are Aux OLED screens with 8:10 aspect.

The Prime laptop boasts an alluminium body which we all know provides strength whilst keeping it portable and also will help with cooling.

If there is any justice in this world of ours, this lappy will be produced and I will be asked to review (and keep) one when it is released 😉